As a local Owen Sounder, is there someone you have been trying to get to move here?

We’re looking for a few young and upcoming folks


to move to this scenic city

and invest in helping to shape its future. 

We think Owen Sound is on the upswing and we’re looking

for some new and forward thinking young singles, couples

and families to call this place home and open or buy a business in the city.

Do you have a friend or family member that:

  • Is tired of the big city rat race?

  • Spends hours commuting every day?

  • Is an outside the box thinker, leader or visionary?

  • Wants to be their own boss and own their own business?

  • Might be interested in moving or expanding their business to a new location?


If this fits your friend or family member, nominate them to be considered for a free “try out Owen Sound weekend” this summer or fall.