We're pumped that you're interested in us! 


Honestly, we are completely overwhelmed by the number of people who want out of the big city and are looking for an opportunity to start their next chapter in Owen Sound. 

Unfortunately, we're no longer taking applications (at this time) to get a personally guided weekend to try out your business dream. 

But don't fret.


This doesn't mean you've missed the boat. We are currently pressing pause on this intake but will fire it back up again.


If you leave us a few contact details, we'll connect with you to let you know when we're hosting more people in the City of Owen Sound.




*This project is an endorsed, legitimate program facilitated by the City of Owen Sound.  We need to obtain some information from you in order to be able to contact you, consider you for this weekend opportunity and better understand what our city can do to recruit the best and brightest to move here and start their own businesses.

Your information will be collected in accordance to the City of Owen Sound Privacy Policy and will not be sold, distributed or used for any purpose beyond consideration for the Try Out Owen Sound Program application.

Rather talk a to a real human about this initiative?

No sweat. Call us at 519-376-1440 x 1254

and ask for Brent - "The Connector"